Our Projects

Here are some of our various projects we have worked / are currently work​​ing on.
    Wireless Power
    We created various prototypes for a company who wanted to bring about new ways to commercialize this technology
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Virtual Reality
    We assisted a company who wanted to upgrade there existing prototype with further functionaility and features
    Security Integration
    We developed and assisted integration into biometric units at various facilities.

​​**Note:​ All projects listed ​do not contain any specific details. Request for further details of a project may be allowed on a case by case base.

Electronics Development

Have an electronics idea, but have no idea how to get it done? We help with custom electronic development, designs and implement early demonstrations of your idea.​ Afterwards, we are also able to help you work with industrial designers and manufactures to help commercialize your idea.

Designing any electronics idea, requires 3 main phases:
    Phase 1 - Research and Development (R&D)
    This phase includes the base electronic designs required to building your technology and advance your idea. The product is considered a "proof of concept" and reuslts produced in this phase is not a commercial product.
    Phase ​2 - Prototyping
    This is the next stage of design, however it is more refined to be a more commercial product.
    Phase 3 - Industrial Designing & Manufacturing
    The final stage of the development process, where your design can be given to a industrial designer and manufacturer to look at your design and is ready to be mass produced.

At Clandestine Solutions we assist and implement the 1st phase, and as your project advances we assist you in progressing to phase 2 & 3 with the help of our partnered companies.

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