Software Projects

Our core services is the ability to create unique and innovative software solutions that you can't just "buy off the shelf", because you need it specifically designed for your business.

Clandestine Solutions can assist you by planning, tailoring and implementing your entire solution from inception to finish.

Below are some of our most common type of projects:

  • Automation Development
    Have long paper trails​ and want to automate the entire process into an online digital process? Saving you hours of manual labour work and cut large long-term cost (ie. workflow systems).
  • Software Integration Development
    Have a complex mix of multiple software systems (for example excel sheets, accounting software, payroll software, legacy systems and so on) which may need the ability to communicate? Such as sync data across systems, automatically read files such as excel sheets (ie. integration).
  • Security Development
    Require platforms that are able to log into other systems securely, so that you don't have to sign into each system every time? (ie. SSO - Single Sign On).
  • Software/Hardware Integration Development
    Require a secure system that centralizes communication of hardware? Such as IoT, biometrics, sensors (eg: motion and infrared), PLCs, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and the like (ie. software/hardware integration).
  • Web Based Development
    Need your own platform built to service your business customers, such as a portal (ie. SaaS - Software as a Service).

How do we accomplish this?

As each project we take on is different and unique to each client, we generally follow several steps:

    Find out what is the problem your company needs to solve and see if we are able to help Work with you to determine the best approach to your problem. Find out the requirements of the project Plan and create roadmaps for the project to understand what, how, when and where we are delivering the project to you. Start implementing the project for delivery.
So that businesses get the end result they are after, we follow a more iterative approach for our project delivery (which may include several discussion through our development process) so that you get the product you need for your business or client.

Our software development is mainly Microsoft technology based and can involve the entire "stack" process, from the front-end (UI) all the way to the database storage; depending on the project. We also make sure our solution is secure as it can be for your scenario. Additionally, we even help you make sure your solution is outfitted with the right tools, for example if you require hosting equipment, networking systems or even securing the solution further with more security tools (eg: biometrics), we will help you by recommending the best product for your scenario or another vendor and collaborate as needed to make sure your solution works together properly.

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